Our country is going through extremely difficult times resembling a state of war.

The Cyprus issue is at a dangerous juncture with Turkey’s intransigence and aggression at its zenith, Britain once again pushing fraudulently and hastily for a federal solution and our political leadership being dragged down in humiliation and embarrassment to another five-party conference without  any prospect of a positive result and with certainty the further undermining of the Republic of Cyprus and the exercise of strong pressure for further concessions to its dissolution.

Corruption has reached unimaginable heights. According to our estimates, corruption amounts to € 2.0 billion per year, about 10% of our country’s GDP, while it is certain that high-ranking politicians, state and party officialsare involved in it. At a time when a small group of corrupt people are amassing public wealth, some 130,000 of our compatriots live below the poverty line and are in need of food and other assistance. With simple mathematics it is concluded that the elimination of corruption and the distribution of money to our poorest compatriots would ensure that no Cypriot would live below or close to the poverty line.

The economy has entered a new recession on the one hand due to the collapse of the investment program in which it had fraudulently and illegally relied on its recovery from the previous recession and on the other due to mismanagement of the pandemic with inappropriate, irrational and catastrophic business closures. The pandemic has confirmed perhaps the most significant weakness of the political staff, which became apparent during the disintegration of our banking system in the last decade, his complete dependence on foreign decision-making centers of the new order of things and his blind obedience to their wishes without a trace of critical thinking, patriotic conscience, human sensitivity and respect for the constitution and the laws of the state.

PNOI LAOU was created 5 years ago by active members of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus who were not politicians, but sensitized citizens who wanted to raise their stature against globalization, corruption, national subjugation and the deconstruction of our traditional values. As you can confirm by studying its statutes, PNOI LAOU is a model of a non-leadership political movement with unprecedented safety valves that ensure its transparency and purity.

PNOI LAOU is participating  in the parliamentary elections with groundbreaking positions in all the important problems that our country is facing:

A      In the Cyprus issue, it opposes the ICC and in favour of the continuation of the Republic of Cyprus as a single state, by amending its constitution so that:

– to abolish the Ottoman, anachronistic, racist and divisive principle of bi-community and to replace the one-man universal democratic principle with one vote, 

– abolish the anachronistic guarantee system,

– to overthrow the illegal status of the bases, in accordance with the rulings of the British Supreme Court and the International Court of Justice in The Hague,

– all settlers to leave, except in exceptional cases for humanitarian reasons.

B        Regarding  corruption, we advocate reducing the tenure of politicians to 5 years, establishing an independent anti-corruption authority, limiting private, corporate and state sponsorships to parties, reviewing policies and tightening penalties.

C          In defense, we advocate  the revival of the unified defense doctrine, the exclusive allocation of the revenues of the Defense Shield Fund for this purpose and the voluntary service of women.

D          Concerning  the economy we are  in favor of creating a bad bank to take over the management of all non-performing loans, in favor of harmonizing public and private sector employment conditions and providing incentives for green growth, education, medicine, technology, research, innovation, agriculture, organic farming, quality tourism, shipping, services, youth entrepreneurship and the abolition of multiple pensions.

Ε         In education, we advocate  the restoration of the Greek Orthodox character of the public school, the emphasis on ancient and modern Greek, religion, history and ethics and citizenship lessons, the integration of social work, the administrative autonomy of public schools, the abolition of list of appointees, the assignment of recruitment to school units and the reward of teachers on the basis of performance.

F        In the government, we are  in favor of a completely horizontal vote, one term of office of elected state officials, the holding of referendums on important issues and e-democracy.

G.    Socially, we are in favor of closing the shops on Sundays and big holidays, the support of large families with incentives for childbearing, the psychological support of families with dysfunctional problems, the tightening of immigration policy while we are against anti-deprivation, cohabitation and childbearing by same-sex couples.

H     In Health we are in favor of the single -insurance GESY and the autonomy of public hospitals.


Every Cypriot is complicit in the deplorable situation in which our country has found itself. For different reasons and to different degrees, each and every one of us has helped. Some of us because of personal interest, some others because of ideological beliefs and some because of tolerance and indifference. Those of us who think freely must repent and correct our mistakes by contributing to the cleansing of the country from the oligarchic and corrupt party establishment, in the liberation of all our occupied territories and in the transformation of our homeland into an advanced democratic state in which all lawful inhabitants enjoy fundamental freedoms, human rights and the European acquit in conditions of security, economic and social prosperity.

Those of us who participate and support the PNOI LAOU came to give and not to receive. We call on those who embrace this principle to join forces with us in order to put the PNOI LAOU in the parliament and to start the process of cleansing and rebirth of our homeland.

We look forward to your support.

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